Over 30 years experience

Some would simply say that I've "knocked around a bit", but a 30 year career in business, politics, the public sector and not-for-profit organisations has  certainly given me a unique depth of practical, ‘hands-on” experience and perspective that can only come from having been there and done it before. 

From running small “shoe-string” community organizations to managing annual budgets of $80m and establishing an 18 outlet business start-up which achieved a 40% return in its first year  -  I know what makes businesses succeed, how government works, why not-for-profits survive and grow, and what makes organizations excel .

I have managed major national public sector programs, been a senior corporate and public sector executive, a lobbyist and social policy analyst and a policy adviser to Federal and State Ministers.

I've worked and lived in most States and Territories and done my time in Canberra.  Now settled in Townsville in North Queensland, in more recent years my focus has settled on North Australia - the engine room of Australia's current and medium term growth.

Download a pdf of my CV here, otherwise - read on.

Managing Consultant, Chris Chappell Independent Contracting Services (01/01 onwards)
•    Clients
•    Projects

Policy Advisor, Minister for North Queensland and Minister for Emergency Services (06/00 - 11/01)
•    Policy, strategic and political analysis and advice
•    Speech writing, briefing materials and media releases

North Australia Manager, Employment National (12/98 - 05/00)
•    Establishment and management of 8 Business Centres and
     18 outlets across North Qld and NT with 124 staff.
•    1998/99 turnover of  $17.9m, income 102% and costs 82% of budget
•    Member of National Executive Team
•    Leadership of new commercial venture

North Australia Manager,
Dept. Employment  Education & Youth Affairs, (02/97 – 11/98)
•    Management of 19 CES outlets, 5 ATSIEUs and 3 SACs across North WA,
      NT and North Qld with a total of some 500 staff during a period of
      significant structural change and uncertainty,
•    Management of a Running cost budget of some $20m and a programs
      budget of some $60m,
•    Leadership in re-focusing the CES to a commercial framework

Assistant Area Manager,
DEETYA Area Qld North (06/96 – 02/97)
•    Management of a programs budget of some $60m and the
     Area Operational Plan and the Area’s external relations
•    Management of the Area running cost budget of some $20m

Policy Adviser, Parliamentary Secretary for Employment, Education and Training (06/93 – 11/95)
•    Provision of advice on labour market policy and services
•    Speech writing, media releases and preparation of briefing materials
•    Liaison with Ministers, PMO, Backbenchers and departmental officials

Director, Access Strategies, Department of Employment, Education & Training (09/91 – 06/93)
•    Labour market programs policy development,
•    Development of Cabinet Submissions and briefings,
•    National Manager of the JET and Child Care Assistance Programs,

Director, Training Assistance, DEET  (08/90 – 09/91)
•    National program manager for the JOBTRAIN, JOBTRAIN  and
      Child Care Assistance programs,
•    Labour market programs policy development

Programs and Special Needs, DEET  (04/90 – 08/90)
•    Developed new service delivery models for CES clients with special needs. 
•    Policy development for the 1990-91 Budget package of disability reforms

Ministerial Consultant,
Minister for Employment and Education Services
(12/89 – 04/90)

•    Policy analysis and advice on labour market assistance and related issues.
•    Liaison with the Minister's Department and other portfolios, preparation of
      speeches, press releases, briefings etc.

Social Policy and Analysis, Youth Bureau, DEET (09/89 – 12/89)
•    Non-DEET youth policy issues including oversight of the Bureau's
     relationship with other portfolios and social policy agencies

Senior Consultant o
n interchange to the SA Government
(10/88 – 09/89)

•    Development of the $3m 1998 SA State Youth Strategy including,
     preparation of the Strategy, negotiation with Treasury, State Cabinet
     Committees and most State Departments.

Principal Executive Officer,
Consultation and Support, Youth Bureau, PMC/DEET (07/87 – 09/88)
•    Oversight of staffing and administration of the Bureau's grants
      and publications programs and its consultative relationship with
      State and Local Governments and the non-Government sector.

Assistant Director,
Special Needs and Projects, Department of Social Security  (07/86 – 07/87)
•    Policy research, analysis and development on income support for sole
      parents, the disabled and the unemployed for the Social Security Review

Policy and Development Coordinator,
Youth Affairs Council of Australia, (07/84- 10/85)
•    Organisational development and communications strategies, membership
     development and servicing, computer systems development, staff and
     student supervision, media liaison
•    Policy development and analysis on employment, labour market training,
     industry relations, job generation, income security, taxation, health,
     national youth policy, youth housing and youth services

Project Coordinator, 
Cooperative Housing Project (10/83 – 04/84)
•    Feasibility study for a community housing program,
     development of WA Government's Community Housing Policy and
     establishment of the resulting Community Housing Program.

Executive Officer,
Tasmanian Council of Social Service  (03/80 – 04/83)
•    Organisational planning, management, promotion and accountability;
•    Management of internal and external relationships; and resourcing.
•    Social policy development and analysis.

Project Officer,
SA Council of Social Service. (08/78 – 04/80)
•    Liaison with Government and non-Government sectors;
•    Social policy analysis and development.

Community Development Officer,
Northern Metro Adelaide Regional Social Planning Study(07/77 – 04/78)
•    Community needs identification and analysis;
•    Action research design, conduct and management.

Noarlunga District Youth Centre, (05/76 – 06/77)
•    direct service provision, streetwork and crisis intervention;
•    management of small organisation; recruitment and supervision of staff;
•    public, press and local government liaison.

Strathmont Centre, Adelaide (05/78 to 10/75)
•    General nursing, behaviour modification programs, life skills training
•    programs, development of non-institutional recreation programs.