Writing Successful Tenders and Proposals

Struggling to win government tenders or funding?

In tender and proposal writing, the "how" is just as important as the "what" - success is as dependent on how you present your proposal as it is on what you propose.

While our free Tender Writing Guide below will help you to craft better proposals, it is unlikely to solve all of your problems.  For example:

How you go about planning and preparing your proposal will determine how well you and your people survive the process.  In all of the tenders and submissions I've participated in (on both sides of the fence) it is very apparent that those who present the best proposals are those who are best prepared.


When to Use a Professional Writer

One way of being better prepared for tender and grant opportunities and getting the jump on your competitors, is to strategically engage the skills of a professional writer to improve how you plan and how you write and present your tenders and submissions.

We offer three levels of service, each of which can be tailored to your needs, industry sector and circumstances:

Service Level

When You Require

What We Deliver

Final Edit and Polish

You are confident that you are a strong competitor in a limited field and require a final edit and polish of an already written proposal.

We are brought in at the end of your tender writing process to edit your proposal - streamlining it into clear, concise and convincing copy, ready for submission.

Planning and Writing

In-house writing skills and program design skills are limited or unavailable.

Planning of what you will propose (project design) requires careful consideration and analysis to produce competitive strengths and advantages.

You are not totally familiar with the client group/service area for which you are bidding.

As an experienced policy and program planner, we contribute a unique understanding of today's policy, program and administration trends, fads and imperatives to your tender planning and preparation.

Our engagement throughout the proposal's development enables us to provide hands-on training and skills transfer to your key staff.

Corporate Profile, Tender Preparation & Training


You have no "standardised" narrative for use in tenders and proposals that describes: who you are; what you do and what you're good at; what your achievements and reputation are; how you are governed, structured and accountable; how you operate; and, how you collaborate with other stakeholders.

As a result, you have to regularly produce unique narratives around these key questions when preparing tenders and proposals and communications with key stakeholders and decision makers.

You need to improve your in-house tender and proposal planning and writing skills.

A Tender Writing Guide - adapted to your organisation, its staff, needs and major audiences and provided in an editable Word document.

A Corporate Profile specifically written for your organisation from existing documents and previous tenders and carefully and thoroughly edited for:

  • style and voice

  • your specific industry sector and geography

  • your major audiences / funding department

An optional tender and proposal planning and writing training course for key staff.

An iterative process for developing your Corporate Profile that provides key staff with direct learning about the writing and editing process.

All work is undertaken by Chris Chappell - an experienced tender and proposal writer with a unique understanding of government purchasing practices and expectations.  Assignments are not 'farmed-out' to juniors or uni students.

Costs are usually less than 1% of the value of the Tender or Grant.


Who We Are

Chris Chappell is an independent consultant providing a range of services to business, government and not-for -profits. Full details are available at cichappell.com.

As a former senior public servant, ministerial advisor and national program manager, Chris understands how government works and what bureaucracies need and expect.

Having honed his writing skills preparing numerous Cabinet Submissions where complex proposals and analysis of options and implications have to be distilled into two pages, Chris has been providing professional writing services to business, government and not-for-profits for the past nine years as part of his independent management consultancy.

Chris has an extensive network of associates to draw upon for industry or discipline-specific expertise.

Our ethos and working style is open and collaborative - ensuring skills transfer to your staff and agency.  We do not offer or accept commission based work as a matter of principle.

Contact Chris Chappell directly at chris@cichappell.com or on +61 7 4778 5356


Free Tender Writing Downloads

If you just want these free documents and you find them useful and have the means, please consider "paying what you think they are worth".  Simply click the PayPal donate button. 


 The Tender Writing Guide
A guide for anyone in business or a not-for-profit writing a tender, grant submission or proposal (Generic Version)

PDF 378kb  

Generic Corporate Profile  
 An expunged Corporate Profile prepared for a rural community services agency

PDF 103kb


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